Saturday, 18 May 2013


I went up to work this morning and saw those kangaroos again. I took some photos but again I was too far away, too slow and they bounded off.I won't publish the ones I took because they're rubbish but I'll try again and I'll be better organised and quieter. I love the fact that there is a paddock full of grazing kangaroos only half a kilometre away from my school every morning. In the afternoon I took my son to Daylesford to film a football game for an opposing coach ( yes, he's a spy) I forgot how bitterly cold Daylesford is (even in Autumn) I lived there for a while so I should have remembered. ( some photos of Daylesford below) When I got home my feet were frozen. luckily I was rescued by home made pumpkin soup.
Below are some photos of the Wombat Forest in Daylesford. One of my favourite places- the Book Barn on Daylesford Lake and 'downtown Daylesford'.


  1. I guess so. You do Autumn a lot better than we can in Australia. Our trees (native eucalypts ) don't change leaf color and shed them like yours do.