Thursday, 23 May 2013

Just a small school

I have had a few inquiries recently about the size of my school.'s small, just 10 students. Glen Park is a small community east of Ballarat. ( Founded after the discovery of gold in the area in the 1850s) It was started in 1870 ( There was a small church school there from the 1860s) when an acre of land was built from a local farmer, cleared and a one room wooden school built (It coincided with colonial legislation being introduced making education secular and compulsory) The school has been a one or at most 2 teacher school since then.
The original families were timber workers, miners and farmers ( mostly orchards). They grow potatoes and raise sheep and cattle around Glen Park now. There is also a large reservoir ( The White Swan Reservoir) nearby which provides Ballarat with much of its fresh water.( We are on tank water!)
The photos below show our school bags on hooks and the old school building ( It replaced the original building in 1963) which features our school values and logo.


  1. Maybe the Addams Family Brandee!( Complete with Lurch and Cousin It!