Thursday, 20 November 2014

Finishing off The Witches

The grade four kids finished work on The Witches today. They re-created the story in the book about the girl who was enchanted into a painting. They found a rustic themed painting on Google and took a photo of themselves on their iPads and put that in the picture along with a story about how they came to be in there. They also painted an ornate frame ( blank one from Google) for the painting to go in.The finished results looked great and they were very proud of them. 
I've just finished reading Danny the Champion of the World and they'll work on that for the next few weeks. My next Dahl serial will be Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. 
The grade 6 kids will finish off their work on spies and World War One next week and we'll start an author study unit on Charles Dickens ( Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations and of cause A Christmas Carol which I've read as a serial at the end of the school year for 20 years, never get tired of it.)

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