Thursday, 27 November 2014

Miss Haversham's Wedding Feast

Today I created a scene from Great Expectations. 
This is a perspective drawing exercise that worked well.
I started the drawing below. ( I think you can see how we used the skills in perspective drawings we've tried before. I'll try another one of The outside of Miss Haversham's house next week.)

After drawing over my pencil sketches with a black sharpie I used water colors to color it.

I used patterned tissue paper as wallpaper for the 2 walls on the side. ( I should of had some of it peeling off the wall.)

I added some more tissue paper as curtains and shrank my portrait of Dicken's on the photocopier to make a painting for the wall.

The kids did a good job on there's. 
Some added cob webs and bits of balsa wood to make the house look more dilapidated.

We painted portraits of Dicken's and placed them in cardboard frames I painted and prepared for them. They added name plates including basic information about Dicken's. We also sketched our interpretations of Magwitch and included a quote by him from the story.

We're about half way through Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator and finished off Great Expectations this morning ( Do Pip and Estella make a go if it? I hope so. the kids liked it, even the grade 4s asked to watch it on DVD.) The grade 4s finished their baby Austin paper models and will work on their caravans tomorrow.

Trouble in the Apple Isle
The Tasmanian government has frozen public servant salaries for two years including teachers. Teachers in Tassie today called a two hour stop work and the Minister decided to close all schools for the day ( from 10:30 am!) and take a pupil- free day off schools in 2015. Understandably this enraged teachers and parents. (catholic schools are joining in strike action)

Parents have joined the fight against the Tasmanian Government's budget cuts to education. the government ultimatum is accept a pay freeze or we will cut services.Moonah Primary School council chair Lyndy Bowden said teachers and parents would not take the cuts sitting down."We're going to fight this the whole way. It will be a little bit inconvenient, but that has to come back to the Government. It's not the teachers, it's not the union," she said. It goes without saying I wish my Tassie colleagues all the best in their struggle!

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