Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Great Glass Elevator

I've just started reading Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. ( Not my favourite Dahl novel. I find it dated and a bit politically incorrect. It is also hard to read aloud. But it is a sequel to their favourite Dahl story. I read that last year so I won't read it again for a while.) 
Below is step by step photos of me making my 'glass elevator' model. it didn't turn out too bad. We are currently working on Danny the Champion of the World  ( images of some of their work on Friday) and the grade 6 kids are starting to read Great Expectations. ( Probably my favourite Dicken's tale - after A Christmas Carol)

Painting the model.

I painted the button on the elevator using paint pens.
Using some of the left over cardboard to make a concertina piece to attach the characters to the back of the elevator.

I'd use glue to seal it up a bit better and maybe not paint it black inside. We could also put cellophane on the front of the elevator.
Emily came up to school this morning and dug out the beans and planted and mulched some new plants.

Big thank-you to Emily.

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