Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Bean Dip

We've had a great harvest of beans this year from our garden with more plants ( carrots amongst them) to come.
Under Emily's supervision the kids picked and opened the beans and made a fantastic dip with them. We weren't sure they'd like it but they did. They also made a carrot dip ( purple carrots) from some donated produce.
A big thank you to Emily. They made enough to take some home tonight.

We created some more watercolor paintings for The Riddle in the Sands. ( Refer step by step images below) and we have used them to create alternative DVD covers.)

I'll post a finished image of these tomorrow.
39 Steps timelines
Our finished model plane dioramas. At the moment we are completing information reports on World War One. Some of the topics we've used include- planes, tanks, weapons of mass destruction, leaders and submarines.

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