Sunday, 23 November 2014


A secret state government audit has found that some schools are so plagued by asbestos that buildings should be cleaned up immediately or cordoned off.
The Sunday Age has accessed Freedom of Information reports that some schools are so at risk that department has been ordered to urgently remove their asbestos.
Out of 368 schools recently audited 92 % contained asbestos. 5 were deemed high risk and 72 were the second highest ranked which means access should be restricted and asbestos removed as soon as possible.
The government has withheld this information ( interestingly today marks the first day of Asbestos Awareness Week!) Clean up work has significantly declined in recent years. many issues could be dealt immediately such as removing old switchboards, heaters, cement flues and fireproof safes. The bigger, and costlier problem is dealing with old buildings riddled with the material.( Only this  year Timboon school was closed for a while when WorkSafe inspectors issued 2 prohibition notices after finding asbestos and peeling lead paint.)

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