Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Abbott the culprit

From today's Age

Prime Minister Tony Abbott's office drove the push to provide government funding for "sceptical environmentalist" Bjorn Lomborg's climate think tank, not Education Minister Christopher Pyne.Pyne has been under pressure to resign over the decision to hand $4 million in funding to establish Dr Lomborg's Copenhagen Consensus Centre methodology at the University of Western Australia (UWA) business school when his government plans to cut $80 billion from education and health over the next ten years.Apparently Abbott and Credlin drove the project. 

Dr Lomborg is a controversial figure who argues the risks of climate change have been overstated and it is more important to tackle problems such as malaria, though he accepts the science of human-induced climate change.He has campaigned against the Kyoto Protocol and downplayed the effectiveness of carbon pricing schemes in tackling climate change. 

Pyne wouldn’t comment. Meanwhile The Abbott government has poured cold water on ambitious climate change targets recommended by the Climate Change Authority, saying they would put an undue burden on Australia.Responding to a report published on Wednesday by the independent authority, which recommended a 30 per cent reduction in emissions on 2000 levels by 2025.

So that's how it happens.....

Female students at Al-Taqwa College were also barred from playing soccer as a sports injury could make them infertile, Fairfax has reported.

The Age quotes from a letter of complaint about the alleged discrimination by a former teacher.

"The principal believes that there is scientific evidence to indicate that if girls injure themselves, such as break their leg while playing soccer, it could render them infertile," the letter reportedly says. 

Education Minister James Merlino has told 3AW the reports are concerning and the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority is investigating.

"If true these are very concerning reports and I have asked the VRQA to investigate and report back to me," Merlino has told 3AW on Thursday.

Al-Taqwa College principal Omar Hallak made headlines last month for telling students the Islamic State extremist group was a western plot.

I suppose we shouldn't get too hot under the collar about this. Afterall nuns told there female students all sorts of ridiculous things over the years in Catholic schools in an attempt to keep them good and pure.

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