Monday, 20 April 2015


Today we went on our big term 2 excursion to the Melbourne Botanical Gardens and the Melbourne Aquarium.
At the gardens we made pot purri using rose petals and lavender in the herb garden. We also planted some daffodils in pots. We toured the Children's garden and the children's vegetable garden. 

We looked closely at important tree specimens, endangered trees and also an oak tree that was split in half by lightening but miraculously repaired.

This oak tree was almost split in half by a lightning strike.

Potting daffodils.

After lunch we went across the road to the Shirine of Remembrance
the Shrine was built in the 1920s to honor Australian men and women who died in the Great War.
Other monuments to Australia's involvement in subsequent wars have sprung up around it.
There is a very impressive education centre there that we will have to come back and visit.

View of Melbourne from the Shrine.

The Eternal flame.


After visiting the Shrine we went to the Aquarium which is on the banks of the Yarra in Melbourne.
The exhibits are fantastic. 
We got to see rays, turtles, sharks, a giant salt water crocodile, penguins, divers and we even fed some fish.

Touching the sealift.

The giant crocodile.

Feeding the fish.
The teachers we had, Miriam at the gardens and Cheryl at the Aquarium were great with the kids and very entertaining and knowledgable.
Thanks to Neil and Stacey for coming along with us.

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