Wednesday, 8 April 2015

French school lunches

French school lunches look great

When Canadian expat Lisa Webb first sent her vegetable-phobic three-year-old to school in France, she feared her daughter would starve during the day.

The former assistant elementary school principal, who moved to France in 2009, was shocked to find rĂ´ti de boeuf and cordon bleu de dinde on the menu for toddlers - dishes she was used to eating in fancy restaurants with her husband.

But when offered the chance to sit in on her eldest daughter's lunch breaks for one week, she witnessed tots using 'grown-up knives and forks' and eating everything put in front of them.

Read the story from the Daily Mail:

Abuse claims and very dodgy record keeping

A well-known private school has been rocked by allegations of abuse, with police investigating claims a former Preshil teacher sexually assaulted students up until the 1990s.

The allegations have been referred to the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse, which has spoken to former students from Australia's oldest progressive school.

Enrolment archives have also gone missing from the school with one former student told there was no record of them having attended Preshil.

A group of alumni and teachers are calling on the school to apologise, saying it has failed to address the serious allegations.

In July 2013 a former student revealed on a Preshil alumni Facebook page that they had been sexually abused at the school.

The post triggered further allegations by victims, former teachers and students.

Former student Georgia Butters Cain met the school's current principal in August to raise concerns about Preshil's response.

"They should communicate with the Preshil community and apologise for the alleged abuse. Acknowledgement is a very powerful part of the healing process."

She said Preshil had a profound and positive experience on her life, but their response to the allegations had tarnished her opinion of the school.

In a letter sent to concerned alumni last February, Ms Smith (the current principal) said the school was "deeply concerned and disturbed by the allegations".

She said in the letter that the school had held a series of briefings with current parents, and had reviewed its policies and procedures to protect children. Ms Smith vowed to improve the school's records.

The pioneering progressive school was founded in 1931 and grew to prominence against the counter-cultural backdrop of the 1960s and '70s.

Preshil was the creation of founder Greta Lyttle, and her niece Margaret Lyttle, who was principal for 50 years, until 1994.

Story from The Age

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