Monday, 13 April 2015

First day back term 2

We just had a lazy day back today. A few kids were away this morning so we had our morning briefings  but for the fortnight not just the day. We finished off some tasks for Around the World in Eighty Days and ended the day watching the 1960s version of Journey to the Centre of the earth.
The grade five kids completed pop up graphs for Jules Verne characters
Our tomatoes are looking great and we have lots there.
I designed a 'chatterbox' for Jules Verne and with some help from my grade 2 girl and YouTube worked out how it works. it's not that hard really.
I ruled up the chatterbox, scanned it into the computer and added information to it.
I turned it over and folded it into quarters.
I then folded each corner over into the middle.
So it looked like this.
I then folded those corners over again.
I then folded it in half.
I put my thumbs and forefingers into the pockets.
And there you go.
I'll put the design and a blank one into my Jules Verne unit which is now up to 100 pages!
I'll add that to TPT later this week.
Heritage weekend in May.

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