Saturday, 18 April 2015


I forgot to write about the actual books I bought.
I bought some large format versions of Moby Dick, Around the World in Eighty Days ( also a graphic version) and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea which they don't seem to publish anymore ( most were published in the 1970s) 

I also bought The Bush Bandits by Betty Roland 1966. I knew she was a playwright and communist in the 20s-30s but I didn't realise she also wrote children's books and cartoons. The Bush Bandits is about a gang of crooks (foreigners of course) stealing and trying to smuggle Australian wildlife out of the country but being foiled by some gutsy kids. I also bought a copy of Patricia Wrightson's Bunyip Hole. It is an old Mildura library copy from the early 60s. A bit tatty and water damaged but both books will be great to read as serials for my Australian unit at the start of the year.

More on the Vaccination furore
The Abbott government has closed another loophole on children's vaccinations, ending a religious exemption that allowed Christian Scientists to get childcare benefits and not vaccinate their kids. It's the least they could do considering they first mentioned the loophole ( for Christian Scientsist) last week.
Check out this story from the Daily Mail about more attacks on public health such as fluoridation by 'celebrities' who 'know better'.

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