Saturday, 18 April 2015

Book trip

I popped up to work this morning and finished a few hours of work before a busy week next week. I put my model plane example together. They are hard to make with big hands! ('Sausage fingers' as my daughter calls them.)
After work I went on a trip to Castlemaine to visit some book stores.
I drove through Daylesford first and visited the Paradise Bookstore and took a few photos of the surrounds.


I went to 4 bookstores in Castlemaine. The first one ( Soldier and Scholar Books) made me VERY claustrophobic! ( see the photos below) 

The second one (the Mount of Alex Bookshop )had some excellent first editions but a bit too expensive for me.

I visited the local botanical gardens, Buda historic house, market, a WW1 German cannon (Distributed to country towns after the war and still on display outside the railway station.) and the old gaol.



The third one ( Stoneman's Bookroom) was in the CBD and was well stocked but mostly new books I can get in Ballarat.

The last one where I bought most of my books ( called Book Heaven) was just out of town and appears to have a permanent 50% sale on. 

They also sold records.

After a coffee I went home. ( I took a few photos of a little creek near Guildford and Mount Franklin.)

Link to an interesting story about the 'class divide' in state schools? 

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