Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Earth models

The grade 5s today completed their play dough Earth cross-section models today and did a great job.

They are starting their science work today on plants and seeds. I'll post some photos of them over the next few days completing their experiments. The grade 5s will also start their ANZAC Day plastic models tomorrow. 
Gary from Heroes HQ had decided to retire and spend more time with his grandchildren and will sell the business. Hopefully it will be bought by someone who loves literature and graphic novels as much as Gary. Below is a photo of our impressive graphic novel library.
Mmmmm next door is ripping out a line of tall trees at the back of the school that provide us with a wind break. It will be interesting to see how it effects our playground and whether he chooses to plant new trees.
Check out these fantastic then and now images from Gallipoli on the ABC News online site

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