Sunday, 25 October 2015

Here are some Aussie Bloggers

Hi, I am Paula from Paula's Place and I am blogging on my husband's Learning With Literature blog to let you know about some great Aussie bloggers you may be interested in. 

Firstly, my blog is Paula's Place

I have a Paula's Place facebook page and a TpT Store

I have been blogging since December 2012 and have really enjoyed the interaction with other teachers and even meeting them in real life. 

On my blog there is a tab for Aussie bloggers where some have linked up and you can access their blogs from there. 

A few of us have got together to form an Australian Teachers Collaborative Blog

We have a facebook page too - and it has had 2.6 million hits so far this week!

At the moment there are 6 of us and we share the load. 

This week there is a photo of a different way to subtract using zeros - bit controversial and lots of comments. 

We have also gone up by about 1880 likes on our page this week. 

Come on over and visit us.  

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