Saturday, 31 October 2015

New Feminism Curriculum

With girls being bombarded constantly by sexist  images, enduring body shaming with the consequent issues of eating disorders, domestic violence and sexual assault a new curriculum option is being trialled at Fitzroy High School called "Fightback", created by Fitzroy High School's Feminist Collective, a group started by teacher Briony O'Keefe and some of her students.

The course, which has been aligned with the Victorian curriculum, and is aimed at male and female secondary students, includes about 30 lessons on systemic sexism, the objectification of women, and the link between gender inequality and violence against women.
Students taking the course are asked to reflect on their experience of objectification, compare images of famous men and women in the media, deconstruct sexist cartoons, and debunk "hairy armpit" myths about feminists.
They explore the term "patriarchy", and examine statistics on the gender wage gap, violence against women, and female representation in sport.( It will be interesting to see how it goes.Hopefully it will be taken by as many boys as girls and will be a huge success.)
From the Age
Literacy Shed Blog ( The website looks great)

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