Saturday, 24 October 2015

More faux charter school nonsense being peddled

From Kate Ellis ( Opposition Education spokesperson)
Reports that the Government wants private providers to run public schools, have again revealed that the Liberals put their ideology ahead of quality education in Australia.

This raises the spectre of for-profit public schools and is the latest attempt by the Turnbull Liberal Government to Americanise our health and education systems.

"Coming on top of the Government's $30 billion cuts, this is another attack on our schools - and on public education in particular," Kate Ellis, Shadow Education Minister, said.

"The Government should be focused on improving schools, not trying to find ways to wash their hands of responsibility and pressuring the states to privatise the public education system.

"For Australia to be productive and innovative in the future, we need to invest in excellence, not outsource to the cheapest and nastiest bidder.

"Our schools are our future, and they belong to all of us. They should be about learning, not profit."

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