Thursday, 29 October 2015

Carbonel Display

Today the grade 5s are busy finishing their board games and the grade 2-3 are finishing off their Treehouse for Swiss Family Robinson. 

I got some canvas they can use as a roof ( sails from the wreck) The others are doing some work today on 'Room on the Broom'.

Some room on the broom craft and I  re-engineered one of these to make it a pop up bust of Mrs. Cantrip from Carbonel ( below) 
The Carbonel display table
Today I also finished a sample roof tops of London picture for Carbonel.
( Cut triangles of colored paper.)

Partially glue them in place so you can eaily draw around no underneath them
Create different patterns on the roofs and window configurations on the buildings. ( You could add some London landmarks)

Paint the sky if you left any showing.
Complete the townhouse and add it to the front if you like to give a 3-D appearance.

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