Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Choosing a reviewer

I completed my draft Strategic Plan school evaluation this morning. Had a discussion with my SEIL and on the weekend I'll complete the process I started to select a reviewer. When that is done I wait to see if any are interested in reviewing a small school and then more tedious red tape to approve their selection and organise to pay them. 
The review itself should be straight forward and quick as we are such a small school with excellent data. I will table the self-evaluation at the next School Council meeting along with a handful of policies which need up dating. Hopefully the whole process can be completed by the start of term 4 rather than dragging into next year.
 I found a good contact in Melbourne who was able to give me some valuable and practical advice but she is on long service leave in a few weeks.
Still wet and miserable but some of our bulbs are popping out!
Tasmanian newspaper positive story about Gonski. Still no final decision about the election.

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