Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Why Not Inn

Fantastic sunrise this morning and a mildish day for winter at Glen Park.

Today the grade 6 kids make Inn signs like the old style inn signs such as the Why Not Inn from Moonfleet or even the Admiral Benbow Inn from Treasure Island.
They made their design and glued it on balsa wood and used chain ( from a craft store) to make it look like a real inn sign.


My grade 3 student started her GIgantor model today. We sculpted some polystyrene for the body and head and added arms and legs using cardboard tubes. She has just started paper mache work prior to painting.

My daughter came up today and made a short movie to add to our new look school website. We are currently adding it ( taking ages to download) to the Learning With Literature Facebook page. She did a fantastic job. Very professional looking!
ABC radio posted one of my snow photos today....yippee!

I'm about half way through the BFG and just started Jane Eyre. I also finished the Spy Who Came in from the Cold unit I've been working on today.

Charcoal sketches.

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