Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Second Network day

Network meeting
Moreshead Park Ballarat
( South Network)

We viewed a clip about LookOut (or were supposed too) and heard from Melinda Williams about the work they do supporting children in out of home care. ( Only court ordered out of home care) Nikki Foy also talked about supporting Koorie students and the history of aboriginal loss of identity due to past Government actions. Most students are foster and kinship cared students.They work a lot with DHHS ( which seems to be largely unavailable) Co-ordination between DHHS and Education lacking and many children don't have a child protection worker allocated with them.
DHHS is like a parent who have a legal responsibility but other organisations are the day to day Carers. Melinda thinks they are an organisation in crisis.Discussion from the floor about frustrations at dealing with DHHS on a daily basis. Pressure from LookOut can help. Student movement is an issue. (Reunification orders mean guardian's have 12 months to support troubled families which should mean that children won't move so often.)
I will talk to Melinda about using Glen Park to support some students who would be a 'good fit' for our set up. Melinda talked about the potential for providing Trauma support training for teachers and principals.Small schools need a considerable amount of extra support which was acknowledged by Melinda.

Announcements of visits, AP vacancies, celebrations across our networks. etc.
Discussion about NAPLAN online being rolled out next year.

Parent complaints
Schools require a local parent complaint policy. Parents are complaining that there is no complaint policy!

Child safe standards concerns .The declaration aspect of it ( stat declaration to be signed by September) Secondary Principals suggest we sign as partial completion only. There is no follow-up about signing another stat dec.
Advice from the Area Director was to sign off as partially complete. (To be completed by September 1st.)

Parent Payments have a new template to follow and we are required to stick to that policy.

New OHS support for schools.( Andrew Laverick)

Meeting protocols discussed.

The Department has a vision that we work together as schools to achieve statewide targets. Principals in isolation can struggle but collegiate support could help to achieve improvement in our schools. We need to provide a common front against private schools rather than competing against each other.In small groups and as networks we looked at the teaching /learning aspect of our current AIP. They envision meeting in school sized groups at future network meetings.( communities of practice)

Lunch at 1:00 pm.

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