Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Gonski's future

The results are finally in - Malcolm Turnbull will remain as prime minister but his huge drop in support at the election has changed Australia's political landscape.( It looks like he will just have enough seats to govern in his own right but suffered a big swing against his policies.
Two things are clear. Firstly, opposition to Gonski needs-based funding cost the Coalition votes. Secondly, the Coalition has no mandate to end Gonski.
I don't know where the  Gonski campaign goes from here but the fantastic campaign led by teacher, principals and parents has generated, and continues to fight for the needs-based funding that is vital for our students and for Australia. It is still mind-boggling that the Coalition does not see investing in schools as also investing in Australia's future. 
It remains to be seen where the campaign goes from here.

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