Thursday, 27 June 2013

Meet the Professor

today my grade 5-6 students went to ACU ( Australian Catholic University) along with 3 other small schools near us to a careers day event. Children had the chance to meet students who were studying at ACU ( nurses, paramedics, teachers and personal trainers) The day was very well organised and the young students who presented to the children did a fantastic job. ( refer to the photos below where our children are practicing their first aid skills with paramedics) The great thing about these group days for me is that I get to see children from other schools in action and that always makes me feel better about my school and my students.After the presentations by the students we met in a lecture theatre for a de-brief and then had a huge lunch. After lunch I took the kids to Book City for them to select books to read over the winter holiday break. we also had a tour around historic Ballarat Railway station.

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