Friday, 7 June 2013

Rude welcome

I had a bit of a rude welcome to school this morning. I usually pop up early on Saturday morning for 5 or so hours to do the admin and get a few things organised for the following week. This morning ( thankfully I was a bit late because usually it is dark when I get there) I went to turn the corner to my classroom and there was a dead ring tailed possum on the ground. It was quite big and quite dead but no outward sign of injury. I've found a dead one before which fell from a tree but this is a bit of a puzzle. Other dead animals I've had to bury include a fox, a few parrots and magpies and last year an owl which I think must have flown into a window and broke its neck ( We had a few of those when we got our new building) It's just one of the little joys of teaching in the country.
Yesterday I had an email from Hannah, a teacher in England interested in a unit plan I created for Dinotopia. James Gurney ( the author/ illustrator of the Dinotopia series) had a link on his blog to my school website but I had to take the unit down from there as it is hosted by the Education Department and they have size restrictions - which I had well and truly exceeded. Instead I'm gradually putting my unit plans up on TPT ( At my current rate it should take 10 more years to get everything on) and making a link on this blog. A lot of what I put up is free and the price of other items is very low compared to some. Feel free to have a look. if you become a follower and email me ( shaw.anthony.n@ I'm happy to help.

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