Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Today we went on a terrific excursion to the Werribee Open Range Zoo and Werribee Mansion. The Zoo is set out like African savannah country. On the safari tour we boarded a bus and drove around getting close and personal to savannah grazing animals like giraffe and rhinos. After that we went by foot to see gorillas, lions, hippos and wild African dogs.After a hearty lunch at the cafe and a few souvenirs we went to Werribee Mansion (a Victorian era mansion set up as a museum and managed by Parks Victoria)
We wandered around the grounds including the lake and grotto and then toured inside the mansion. The kids were impressed by the size and opulence of the building. ( When reading books set in grand country houses like The Secret Garden, Wolves of Willoughby Chase and Tom's Secret Garden it helps for the children to have some prior knowledge about what a grand Victorian era home looked like and felt like)
We trialled using our iPads on this excursion and the children took lots of photos and films ( using iMovie) it will be intresting to see what they decide to do with their work when they get back to school. ( Some were talking about making a ghost movie or comic using the Strip Design app.)

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