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Report from Cybersmart Outreach Program Professional learning

This morning I participated in Cybersafety professional learning provided by ACARA.
I hope you can understand my notes typed during the PD on my iPad.
It was a very productive day and a bit worrying( especially 'sexting')
I will be working hard to prepare my students ( and parents) for the challenges of the online world.

Notes from the Cybersmart Outreach Program
Ballarat Lodge
Greg Gebhart- senior Cybersmart trainer

General observations

Technological impact significantly increasing now in grade 3-4
Country kids less Internet savvy
Provide choices for kids in the cyber world not just saying 'don't use it'
The technology doesn't cause the issue it is the behaviour of the device user
There is a necessity to factor in the emotional development of the children.
Cybersafety in the classroom can be incidental.- embedding Cybersafety issues into daily ICT usage rather than set piece lessons.

Protecting students
Filters don't block - issues with 'bring your own' devices to school which is starting to become the norm in big schools ( Not at Glen Park)
Emphasis now on-How do we help children to 'manage' their devises safely?
One year olds now using iPads!- digital footprint first created often at birth.very young children have meaningful interactions now online- Moshi Monsters
Problem solving skills and developing fine motor skills beginning very early especially with iPads.

Primary age children
Positive attitudes
Peer pressure to have access- "Everybody else has got a phone".
Too trusting
Developing friends on Kik and Club Penguin
Password sharing a problem with infant children
Cyber bullying starting- Potential for de- sensitising children to cyber bullying when they are older
Some unwanted contacts can begin
Don't be frightened by unwanted contacts but deal with it.
Older siblings an issue - unwanted images and violent games on children's devices.

High school
Children are often experimental and too confident of their abilities
Cyber bullying 21 % grade 3-4 10% Peak period for cyberbullying is year 8-9
Sexting a growing issue
Lots of unwanted contact and adult content ( More girls now watch pornography and older boys watching hard core pornography)
Risk takers - not interested in legal consequences better to talk about social consequences of sexting
Ignorance of difference between social language and online language
Digital divide growing between young teaching staff and old teaching staff and between children and parents.
Need to watch out for vulnerable and easily influenced children at school.
need to recognise that Children make bad decision on and off line
Can be a learning experience not always causes major harm. Limiting online experiences may increase vulnerability.

Apps have classifications and you can restrict apps downloads according to age.
Keep a registry of apps that are purchased.
ITunes account can be connected to credit cards.( At Glen Park we access apps via iTunes gift card credit)
Watch out for 'in app' purchases.You can block 'in app' purchases. Children always ask me first about such purchases.

Social Media trends with children
Trending down with Facebook in the city
Pinterest ( More with adults)
Instagram ( Issues with photos not private, Google images access photos and GPS location recorded in photos)Privacy settings need to be on.
Kik- texting( contact with strangers an issue)Need to be on wireless and unlimited
Viber- Turns your iPad into mobile phones
Whatsapp- phone, texting and video.
Would You Do Me score website used for selfies.
Snapchat- photo, text and video - photos don't disappear and can be extracted.
Screen capture inappropriate text if an issue.
Ask about settings on phones, iPads etc that can indicate your child's geographical location. Instagram can be set to private.
Check out your restrictions menu on your device.Go to Settings on the iPad, iPhone.
Facebook- go into security and login notifications and make sure the boxes are checked.
Have children write their own 'home technology use contracts' with your final say.( Negotiated rules)

Student behaviour and ethics
Cyber bullying caused by a break down in relationships
Schools must ensure that they have a 'Safe schools framework' to refer too when Cyberbullying occurs.
There is a need to reduce harm and make sure children feel safe.( Education Department student survey found that children said they didn't feel safe and mentioned cyber bullying)
School values need to encompass- Social skills, empathy and resilience
Cyberbullying ( Bullying needs an audience. Cyberbullying potentially provides a huge audience. Cyberbullying can seldom be dealt with proactively because it often occurs at home out of school hours. Bullying is by definition reoccurring behaviour and occurs over time.Cyber aggression however is a one off. It needs to be dealt with but it is not bullying
'Flamming' is when multiple people bully an individual. Trolling ( Trollers think they are anonymous. They think they are 'keyboard warriors')
Children need to want to do something about Cyberbullying. Engage children in dealing with this issue. Let them come up with rules and penalties. Empower bystanders. ' How do you help your friends if bullying occurs?' Children are often worried about parent response- ' They'll take my phone away from me' if they tell anyone. they are more likely to talk to their peers which is why 'bystanders' are important in tackling a problem.
Ken Rigby ( ACER Press) says that punishments don't work. Use a child centred / peer response to the issue in the school. Mediation issues to consider.

School response
policies in schools need to be reviewed every 12 months. In the policy make sure you know what to do.Have stepped guidelines. Need for consequences and conflict resolution with follow-up included.Share ideas across schools. Every teacher in the school regardless of time fraction or what subject they teach needs to be involved.
Victoria does not have Cyberbullying laws but we do have bullying laws. ( Brodies Law) Does it apply to schools?Discuss value judgements about Cyberbullying.
teacher reaction to Cyberbullying important- Teacher counsellor has to be available at lunchtime.
Positive bystanders- What is a students role when it comes to helping their friends being bullied.
Kids Helpline 1800 number is an exempt number.
National safe school framework is downloadable and a valuable resource regarding student welfare and behaviours
sexting- mostly peer pressure. girls concerned about blackmailing. parental trauma to be considered.Easy to do, impacts on people's life- labelling. need to discuss healthy relationships, gender relationships and gender equality needs to be discussed.
refer: www.thinkyouknow
recommended programs through ACMA
Astro Circus
Cybersmart Hero
Hectors World

At Glen Park we will use Zipper's Astro Circus as an introduction to Cyber Safety issues with grade F - 2 and Hector's World for grade 3-4 and the How Cybersmart are You? Quiz and fun activities for grade 5-6.
We will also use the Cybersmart Challenge suite of interactive program's to educate and empower our students
Cybersmart Detectives for grade 5-6 and Cybersmart Heroes for grade 6.
The 'Dandelion' app and book can be used as an introduction for Foundation to grade 3.
Also consider 'Surf Swell Island' for grade F- 4 for a Disney approach and 'NetSmartzKids' up to grade 5-6.
'NSteens' for upper primary and early secondary.( Relevant videos can be found on the Cybersmart YouTube channel.)
We will also begin updating our Cybersmart policy on an annual basis referring to the Policy Guidelines CyberSmart. Resources can also be ordered through Cybersmart and distributed via newsletters ( Resources ordered) and a library of cybersafety resources for parents/ students developed ( In a special section of the parent library)and publicised on the newsletter

The Bottom line...
Teachers need to adhere to professional standards.
Don't post information on teachers, children's, parents.
Ensure postings align with ethical standards. Ensure privacy settings are set. Use your own personal blog for personal issues not a classroom or school blog.Don't have contact with students in social media sites.
Issues to consider: Flipped classroom contains project based online tasks done outside of hours.Can you as a teacher be contacted outside of hours?Is that desirable?
What are our responsibilities for outside of school hours activities?
When it comes into the school it becomes OUR responsibility.
Cover yourself with policies. Pre-empt risks in policies.Implementing the policy is more important that exact wording of a policy.Date and write comments accurately. Reports need to be impartial and fact-based.Make sure you write a 'follow up' to any actions and follow it up.
Have the policy language directed toward children so they understand school policy in a language they understand.Find easy guidelines for Facebook and other social media sites and promote them.
Refer on Google to 'social media' department of education NSW for a YouTube film of their social media policy explained.' Also type in 'cyber safety student projects' to find examples of Cybersafety videos created by kids.( Also Cyberbullying cartoons)
At Glen Park we will review our policy in light of this training and complete our eSmart school training in 2013.

At Glen Park we will:
Embed Cybersafety issues more in daily program's
Consider parent information approaches
Suggest students produce their own materials to raise awareness about Cybersafety issues.
provide time to explore online resources previously mentioned.
AusVELS ( Australian curriculum) implementation needs to incorporate the Cybersafety message across the curriculum. Consider peer mentoring and special days on cyber security. ( Cyber training/cyber nights for parents run by students?) Consider booking a student/ parent workshop run by ACARA.Also use 'teachable moments' using relevant news items for classroom activities or as newsletter.

Photo from the PD and a photo of the garden at the venue I was at.
ALSO When I got back to school this afternoon I found some lambs on our side of the fence so I had to help them over. ( I guess it's true what they say about grass being greener on the other side.) The kids had a new CRT ( Casual Relief Teacher) while I was away, Cherrie Cook who had a fantastic time with them.

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