Monday, 3 June 2013

On Display

Below is a photo of the plastic model battleships the children made while reading ' Jack Black and the Ship of Thieves'.
Plastic models are a bit fiddly ( special paint, glue, thinners to clean brushes and hands) but it is worth it. The instructions can be quite challenging to read which is great for children who think they can just open up the box and start plonking parts together.
Those children often come 'unstuck' if they don't follow the step by step instructions (often depicted in diagram form)
I've made quite a few of these models and I've found that most children regardless of gender or general interest in 'military history' love making them and they often take pride of place on shelves at home. Some models can be quite complex while others can be very simple. I've discovered that hobby shop owners love helping to find the right models for your children.

Below is also a photo of pirate flags that we've just finished. Most of them looked like tattoo parlour designs but they look quite effective.

I was tidying up some old student displays that hadn't been collected and taken home yet. Below is a picture of part of a display for Mr Popper's Penguins. We painted some craft boxes shaped like old fashioned refrigerators white and added some inexpensive gem stones, which you can buy by the kilo from craft shops stuck down with a glue gun to look like ice. We added some plastic penguins and created a great display.

I've also added a picture of another display from last year of a cross section of the Earth made from play-doh. Each layer is a different color and pins with labels were inserted into it to make an effective model of the Earth