Thursday, 27 June 2013

Last day of term

Today is the last day of term 2, This afternoon we break up for our 2 week winter holiday.During the break I have a lot of administration for the school to complete ( finishing our eSmart plan, completing my personal performance plan, updating our school management plan and preparing learning tasks for term 3) over the break and some chores to complete ( carpet cleaning, gutters to clean out and the air conditioner to service) Hopefully somewhere along the line I can have a rest and catch up on some reading. I think I'll also give blogging a break after this weekend.

We had a lovely sunny day today. In the photos I took today you can see some white cockatoos who were picking at seeds in front of the school. I scared them.There is also a photo of the school from across the road. The CFA ( Country Fire Authority- volunteer fire fighters) shed is on the left.

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