Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Up at school today I logged into the Premier's Reading Challenge and updated that. Once again we have 100% of our students meeting the challenge 
I created a new display for Wind in the Willows 
I also completed a sample diorama for A Monster Calls
Diorama box and paper mâché house available in craft stores.
Silhouette of the grave yard and yew tree.
Painting the house 
Adding ground and Sky and also the ploughed up land near the house.
Creating a fence line with match sticks and thread 
Making the monster from air dried clay and painting him green and adding sticks.
Starting to put it together.
Adding the monster.
I'll leave it open on the side so the kids can get a better look at it.
My kookaburra pal was back at lunch time at his favourite spot 
I should dig up some worms for him.
Drying in the sun.
I need to pop down to Ballarat Books and see if they have any books on frogs and toads! How can you do Wind in the Willows without a book on toads. I have a few on rats. I had a student a few years ago who kept them as......pets! 

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