Friday, 7 July 2017

So where are the state schools?

The Age has printed a story about the proliferation of new catholic schools on the fringes of Melbourne where new developments are springing up. The same thing is happening here in Ballarat at the Lucas Development. The state government has actually financially supported the building of the Catholic school there. ( That's what the sign out the front says.) meanwhile the 2 nearest state primary and secondary schools are bursting at the seems and a small school at Windermere close to this massive housing growth was closed several years ago. It still sits empty and still seems to have books, computers and filing cabinets sitting inside no doubt getting mouldy. There is no mention of building any new schools in Ballarat ( other than the tech) and no word about supporting and promoting small schools that will be engulfed by the growth or even spending money on existing schools so they can grow. I understand how the budget cycle works that's why we need more flexibility. At least land can be set aside for state schools ( I don't mean the developers 'proposed school site' drawn onto their glossy development plans) most people don't want to pay exorbitant school fees or have their children subjected to a religion based education. ( Census results prove this) Good to see the Age print this story. I thought it was a good idea earlier this year when I sent them the idea and a photo of the school sign!

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