Monday, 17 July 2017

NSW Catching up....maybe

First day back for term 3 and it was a cold, wet day. We even had a bit of sleet today.

Meanwhile NSW might catch up to Victoria when it comes to religious education or as they call it up there,'scripture'!

A plan to remove scripture classes from New South Wales public schools will be put forward at Labor’s annual state conference by the party’s left faction.

All public schools in NSW have to provide at least 30 minutes a week for optional religious education classes, but students who opt out are not allowed to undertake any educational activities during that time.

The proposal’s backers are looking to emulate a move by the Victorian Labor government, which in 2015 removed scripture from the school curriculum, meaning the classes could only occur before or after school, or at lunchtime.

Also I had a Twilight Zone experience today when the Scientology ' church' sent out a DVD to all state schools ( maybe privates as well) about the evils of psychiatry. I sent a copy of their letters to the Age but they didn't bother to ring me back. Below is their DVD
"So you say her name was Alice?"

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