Monday, 23 September 2013

First day of the holidays?

I just love it when the Department decide to change a template! they decided to change the Emergency Management Plan template recently.Even though I spent several hours during the summer break updating the old one I had to do it all over again. It took about 4 hours to re-do this morning.As well as doing that I also did some work in the library. We have a massive library at Glen Park for such a small school. I tend to let things mount up a bit during the term so during the holidays I usually have a few hours worth of re-organising to do which is now complete.

Tomorrow I will start organising new themes for the start of the last term. - Classic Science Fiction ( HG Wells and Jules Verne) Professor Branestawm and the work of E. Nesbit ( Five Children and It and The Railway Children) Story Box books ( For grade Prep and one) Time, Our Solar System, Zac Power, Wizard of Oz and Girlz Rule.

It was a lovely spring day today and we had a few unusual birds around the school. The photos are lousy I know. I'll have to upgrade my iPad to a new one with a better camera.Just take my word for it, they were lovely.Below is also a picture of part of the library as well as a poster I mucked around with on an app called 'Phoster' which I'll introduce next term.

Also check out this website from Random House called World Of Stories which provides information and games about classic children's literature:

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