Monday, 9 September 2013

Fables Literature Unit

This Blooms taxonomy literature unit about the world's best known fables features a variety of reading and writing activities as well as fantastic craft responses that really engage students. This unit has been completed successfully with grade 1 and 2 students (Photos of student learning included) over the last few years.(My grade one student will be finished this unit at the end of term 3)  Every year that  I do it I add more following ideas from students and my own evolving ideas. This unit is on sale on Teachers Pay Teachers for a modest $5.00 and will provide you with a core of tried and tested resources to start a literature unit on fables. The photo above shows our fables display board as well as books, big books, DVDs, audio CDs and hand puppets.This unit includes a lot of craft ideas which provide students with great opportunities to use their imaginations and their own interpretations to the original morals. There are lots of books about fables (there are also many iPad apps and Youtube videos of all the fables I've taught) available but be warned sometimes the morals can vary and even the animals can change from book to book. This is a 73 page unit but I will continue to add to it, maybe including some Indian and African fables.
Click here to find the fable unit on TPT.

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