Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Today we went on an excursion to Melbourne. We first went to the Old Melbourne Gaol. the gaol was built when Melbourne was first settled by Europeans in the 1840s. it grew in size at the time of the gold rush (1850s) and housed many notorious criminals including bushranger Ned Kelly. Kelly was hanged there and the gaol has his death mask on display. Children can also dress in replica Ned Kelly armour. It stopped being used as a gaol in the 1920s although it was used again during World War Two before being turned into a museum.Photos to be posted tomorrow will show the inside and outside of the gaol as well as photos of children in the replica armour.
After the gaol we walked around the magnificent Royal Exhibition Building and its gardens. ( photos will be posted tomorrow) We went to IMAX and saw a movie about ice- age animals. After lunch we went to the Melbourne Museum and viewed their dinosaur and megafauna exhibits as well as their animal displays and history of Victoria Gallery. It was an early start- 7:30 am and we got back to school at 4:00pm. I think there will be some tired students tonight.

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