Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Jekyll and Hyde

Today the girls finished their Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde masks. One side of the mask was painted as if it was Dr Jekyll and the other had the disfigured features of Mr Hyde.I bought some doll hair from a craft shop and they used a glue gun to stick it on. Miraculously they didn't burn their fingers once!
Our grade 5 students are off to Sovereign Hill for the 2 day immersion program. They will dress up like children from the goldfields of Ballarat in the 1850s and attend a school pretending to be students from that era complete with hoop skirts, knickerbockers, slate boards and ink pens.The children will have to get into character and pretend to be children escaping the potato famine by travelling across the world to seek their fortune in the 'new world'. The children need to write a letter to the teacher telling their story. They are writing their letter as homework this week and we'll write final drafts using old style ink pens next week to take along with us. We will be with children from other small school in our network which will enable them to mix with a larger group of children and hopefully make some new friends. I'm attending for one day of the 2 and have to be in 1850s dress as well. This week they have been researching the potato famine and have created some excellent PowerPoint presentations on the topic and are currently researching the origins of the discovery of gold in Ballarat and what life was like on the goldfields.

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