Friday, 13 September 2013


Glen Park is a virtual menagerie!!!! Not only kookaburras, possums, kangaroos, sheep, cows but also....goats. Yes as I was driving to work this morning I went a different way and saw some goats having a nibble on the side of a hill only a few hundred yards from school. So I took a photo. Below are also some pictures of some of the craft we finished off for our horror theme last week. I'll share some of these images on Pinterest ( the ideas originally came from Pinterest) and also have them available to download on TPT by the end of the week.
This is the last week of term 3 and it is a big one, with an excursion to Melbourne on Tuesday, two new students visiting for the day on Wednesday and School Council on Friday. I did a lot of preparation work as well as cleaning up at school today with a lot more to do during the week and of course, during the holidays!

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