Saturday, 7 September 2013

Storybook Saturday 7th Sep

There is a Storybook Linkup on Paula's Place here is my book for this week

is an Australian picture story book and iPad app called Dandelion.
Dandelion tells the story of a boy who uses his power of imagination to thwart his bullies. This interactive app and story book was created by the author whose son was experiencing bullying. 
A cross between Where the Wild Things Are and a modern fable, Dandelion encourages parents, teachers and children to discuss the impact of bullying and how using your imagination can help diminish the impact of an all to common issue in our schools. The app allows you to actually blow dandelions from the screen. The art work is excellent.Suitable for all ages but particularly students from grade three up.The app is $1.99 (Also check out Stricken by the same app designers)

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