Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Telescope Book

Keeping an eye on us
Our view from our back windows. 
I've come to the last chapter of Miss Peregrine today. We will finish our work on Carrie's War this week and start on Miss Peregrine next week. ( I will post the Silver Sword/ Carrie's War unit on TPT as well as the revised Choose Your Own Adventure unit on the weekend.)
Below are the fantastic alternative book covers completed by the grade 6 kids for Carrie's War.

Some more pictures of our Neolithic cairns. ( the test for them will be tonight when it rains!)

It's great to see the students just naturally working together. In this instance taking it in turns to read a book aloud.
Telescope book
Sample book for Moonfleet.
Cut  a piece of A3 card in half lengthwise and concertina fold an end on each piece at least 6 times.

Draw/ paint a scene as the background. In this instance I'm depicting the scene in Blackbeards crypt. So I painted the graveyard in Moonfleet.

I then glued that to what would become the back.

I then painted a 'frame' for the front and glued that on.

I then painted the two slides ( you can do more) 
One of John when he enters the crypt and one of the background to the crypt with a hole cut out where the door is so the background can be seen.
It all fits together.
I then painted some other scenes to add to the 'arms' 
I added a title and a typed up description of what's happening on the outside of the 'arms'
What the inside looks like. ( I'll post another picture tomorrow.)
I started re-reading Moonfleet last night. I'm about a quarter of the way through. I forgot what a great story it is. Right up there in my view with Kidnapped.
I'll start a unit for it on the weekend and read it the same time as Jane Eyre.
While Simone was teaching LOTE, I had an unsuccessful attempt at getting our office computer fixed. I can't send emails about Fiskville until I can access my file. No response from the committee chair today?..
Tomorrow the PE girls are here. I hope they have a plan B because it is raining cats and dogs at the moment.
I went to 'Heroes Inc' today in town and bought some fantastic new graphic novels. I think we have the best graphic novel library in Ballarat!

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