Saturday, 21 May 2016

Coloring book by kids

I've had students create 'Coloring pages' for art before. They love sharing them with other students.
From the ABC

A group of 52 very young Melbourne budding artists has created what they believe is the world's first colouring book illustrated by children.

The book, featuring drawings of Melbourne, has been made by children aged between three and 10, with help from children's author Joanne O'Callaghan and art teacher Julie Kennedy.

Inspired by the craze for adult colouring books, Colour Melbourne gives glimpses of the city, its architecture and people as seen through the eyes of children.

The Exhibition Buildings, the MCG, parks, trams and penguins all feature in the book.

Its creators have started a crowd-sourcing campaign to raise money to get the book published.

The project has the support of the Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital and The Resilience Project which aims to teach positive mental health strategies.
Luna Park.

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