Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Building an airforce

We've gone model plane mad!
My grade 6 girl wanted to make another one so she started on that today.(It's a Hurricane)
Our LOTE teacher was in today to teach Japanese. The kids had a fantastic time. They made samurai hats and they turned out great!

They are fantastic at their greetings and are starting to learn numbers. We also have Italian on Friday and footy/ball-handling tomorrow.My grade 2 girl is making plaster butterfly fridge magnets to finish off her unit on bugs.

They should be set tomorrow.

We are making silver swords and model canoes and we're about 5 chapters into Carrie's War.

I finished reading Pride and Prejudice. I enjoyed it. I also found a graphic novel version of it which is very good.
The kids had a fun day today playing chasey and monopoly.

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