Monday, 23 May 2016

Stone cairn models

Lovely Autumn day today.
Craig's Hotel this early this morning.

Today the grade 6 kids made Neolithic cairns in the playground using stones ( some we collected and some I bought) and sticks and held together with mortar. In Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children ( we will be finished the book by Friday) the hero Jacob crosses into a 'time loop' via a Neolithic stone cairn on a Welsh island so I thought we would have a go at building some in the playground. The results were fantastic.
Digging the entrance way out.
Laying the stones after mixing the mortar.
Adding peat ( moss)
Finished effort.

My grade 3 girl finished her second CYOA story and she will help the grade 6 kids to write one tomorrow.
She based her second effort on Goldilocks.
The kids wrote a little play which I filmed for them where they could practice their Italian.
I made a sample row boat for the Miss Peregrine unit.

My grade 2 girl planted some carrot, capsicum and radish seeds today.
The Fiskville inquiry findings came out today. I will be looking with interest for information about Fiskville Primary.

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