Saturday, 21 May 2016

Jane Eyre unit finished.

Another long 6 hour day at work this morning.The tyre on the wheelbarrow wouldn't inflate so I got a new one for school ( the old one was actually mine) and managed to move some of the sand from sports practice to the sand pit.
I also cleaned the toilets and got some planning and preparation done.
I finished Jane Eyre and was able to complete the unit plan for it today. My Pride and Prejudice/Jane Eyre unit will start in a couple of weeks. I'll finish the term with it.
I finished a Puss in Boots mini unit for my grade 2 girl which I think she'll love and also a science unit on optical illusions.
I also got some shopping done for school this afternoon. Sunday will be a day of rest. I bought the DVD of Dickensian so I'll be relaxing in front of that.

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