Thursday, 12 May 2016


Next door had his big burn off last night. It will probably smoulder for a while unless it rains. Happily the wind was going the 'right way'.
With our student teachers, their lecturer, Heather, me and Steve, we had a full car park today.
Dioramas finished and they all look great.
The last model finished today. They all did a fantastic job.
On display.
My grade 2 girl finishing off her butterflies.
Worked on the garden.Planting to do tomorrow.
My student teachers were here and the kids had a great time with them. Italian tomorrow.
We went to the driving range to hit some golf balls today.
They really liked it. We hit about 300 balls ( combined with the misses they probably had about 500 swings! ) 
We had an ice team and were home by 3:00. The guy at the driving range used to go to Glen Park as a kid, his father worked at the White Swan Reservoir.
They loved it so much we will go again next week!

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