Friday, 13 May 2016

Choose Your Own Adventure

The Choose your own adventure story genre is making a comeback. If you were a kid or a teacher in the 80s you will remember them in their first incarnation ( the original and possibly the best) that along with R L Stein and the Babysitters Club were the reading staples of kids across the world. 

Well they died out in the 90s ( a brawl between the authors contributed to it) but have bounced back. Many different types and styles ( even non- fiction, apps and graphic novels) are available at the moment.

 I've bought a few recently for school. ( just some of them photographed below) I had planned to do this writing unit with a particular student but I've readjusted it for a different student and developed a mini- creative writing unit for it which I'll start next week.i might extend it to the grade 6 kids later in the year when we read an adventure book or 2 for literature.

Some of the books we have at Glen Park. 
I went to school this morning and finished my Miss Peregrin unit and started and finished this mini unit which I will put on TPT tomorrow. 
I cleaned and thought about moving the sand from the jumping pit to the sand pit.....I'll do it during the week I think. This afternoon I shopped for school for the garden. I bought some interesting stuff I think the kids will really like.
Game books by Livingstone and Jackson for older readers. ( original on the left and re-print on the right)

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