Friday, 13 May 2016

NAPLAN boxed up and ready to go

NAPLAN is finished for another year. I did the attendance online and boxed everything up for pickup next week.
A few zucchinis were picked and shared. I also picked one pepper!
Canoes for The Silver Sword. we started work on Carries War today and finished 2 chapters of Miss Peregrine. ( I have to censor what I read a bit but the kids seem to really like it.) 
The movie to be released this year might not be suitably rated for them but we will be able to see the BFG!
Lucy came to teach Italian today and we filmed some conversations with our iPads. Now I know how to transfer them from iPad to memory stick ( Thanks Xander) we can copy them and take them home to practice. Next week we plan to make model Leaning Towers of Pisa.

My grade 2 girl helped me to plant some vegetables today for the spring ( lettuce, beetroot, lettuce. onions and silverbeet.) The other kids will help this week to plant some bulbs and some seeds ( parsnip and carrot)

We started our Carries War suitcases today. They should look great when they're finished.

More golf at lunchtime. We will go to the driving range again this week.
Grade 2 and 3 making their model

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