Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Having a go at a CYOA story.

Today my grade 3 girl had a go at writing a Choose Your Own Adventure story. I suggested that first up she try adapting a story she is familiar with. We had a go at writing pot twists for a variety of tales ( refer photo below) and my student chose The Magic Fish for her CYOA tale and she began using the template I provided to plan the story. 
She then typed it up on the computer. I wrote one too based on the Enormous Turnip. 
Both were published today.

After the success of this one she will try another and then help guide the grade 6 kids to write adventure tales of their own.

My grade 6 girl designed an evacuees label and she finished her suit case which was excellent. 
Screenshot from the Battle of Britain app which is VERY hard!
Chillies in our garden. Tomorrow we have bulbs and seeds to plant for the spring. We also have a special garden oriented treat for LOTE. ( More on that tomorrow)

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