Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Network meeting

Sheep in the potato paddock next door, this morning when I got to school.

Moorabool Network Meeting
Welcome to Reg who is filling in at Gordon (Dawn is now at Toolernvale PS) 
It was decided to continue meeting at Gordon.Conference feedback was asked for. The venue was seen as positive. Muffy Hand will be asked back after the new standards are released. (Probably May) 2014 Conference ideas in August were suggested including a PD ( organised by Judy Poole) at the AEU building about the 'Wellbeing of school leaders'. The budget went into the red so schools will pay $80 each to cover the shortfall per head costs for PD will need to be paid (user pays) by network schools in 2014 on top of our affiliation fee.
The Network curriculum day will be on March 11th at the Bungaree Community centre. (Glen Park won't be participating in this event ) Andrew Fyffe shared information from a PD he did on setting goals and measures for AIPs and performance plans.The principal at Mt Egerton talked about her experience when they had a small bushfire near the school.
Below is a photo of my grade 1 girl and grade 2 boy with their pop-up card story about the fable of the Monkey and the Dolphin.

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