Thursday, 13 February 2014

Busy Valentines Day

We had a very busy day today. First thing this morning one of my parents and my two grade 6 girls baked some Valentine's Day mini cakes using small heart shaped foil cake pans. The girls decorated them with icing and sprinkles and the kids took them home for their mums this afternoon.

We also made some Valentine's Day monkeys.( a Pinterest idea) the preps were helped by my grade 1 and 2 girls and they did a good job. ( these girls are studying the 'fr' sound at the moment and made photo frames. Photo of them below)

We finished reading both They Found a Cave and Dr Doolittle today. The grade 6 kids completed 'wordles'using the Wordsalad app. The grade 4 kids are working on their animal adventure tales. Next week they'll start work on 'The 27th Annual African Hippopotamus Race' and the grade 6 kids will read 'Loku and the Shark Attack'
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