Saturday, 8 February 2014

Organising for next week

Another scorcher today. At least 40 degrees today and apparently tomorrow as well, and on the anniversary of the Black Saturday bushfires.
It is going to be a hot summer ( There is drought in Queensland and some parts of NSW) for at least the rest of this month. it is very dry around the school ( refer photo) all except for the potato field next door.
I popped up early today to beat the heat and did the cleaning and prepared for the week. I have a trolley being delivered on Monday for all my Prep learning materials so I got those organised. I have prepared a craft activity for Valentines Day, I drew a story map for 'They found a Cave' and with some inspiration from Pinterest  prepared a fun art task for the Winter Olympics. I've also ordered a water play trough with stand which the preps ( and even the grade1 and 2 kids) should love.

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