Wednesday, 5 February 2014

X- Ray art

Students from grade 1 to 6 today completed their aboriginal inspired X- Ray art. I drew the outline of a fish and printed it on A3 size brown paper and provided the children with Poska paint pens. I encouraged them to view examples of genuine 'X- Ray' art on their iPads as inspiration. Their efforts were terrific. Some showed a great deal of patience and skill required to paint the detailed, intricate designs.
Apologies to Minister Dixon. According to an AEU ( Australian Education Union) bulletin I read this morning he was actually there with Christopher Pyne when he announced his 'independent school' plan.( refer previous post)  Still no comment from him to his school leaders (the ones who will have to implement this policy) as to how it works and what benefits we should get out of it and what schools will be involved?

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